Urban Camo Men’s Workout Gloves


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Throughout history military forces have worn Camouflage to be less detectable to their enemies. Army fatigue may be for blending in, but you’ll stand out in these camouflage G-360’s. Protect those hands and keep them soft because a woman appreciates a man with a soft touch. High tech grip allows you to lift more weight.

  • Neoprene fabric with spandex piping for durability and comfort
  • Textured silicon material on the palm and half fingers enhances grip for all exercises
  • Open knuckle design gives the back of the hand breathable comfort
  • Half fingers deliver superb finger dexterity and range of motion
  • Fabric provides less bunching and heavier lifting
  • Thick enough to protect hands from the gym elements yet thin enough to feel the weights
  • Thick enough to protect hands from the gym elements, yet thin enough to feel the weights.
  • Designed for: weight-lifting, dead-lifting, pull-ups, yoga, Pilates, and any activity that requires maximum grip
  • Fabric: 100% neoprene with a nylon/spandex piping
  • Wash with soap and water, then hang to dry
  • Made in the USA
  • Properties: moisture wicking, chafe resistant, breathable
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