EVA Foam Roller



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A foam roller is the perfect workout and mobility tool from Wicked Fitness Accessories.

Its ideal for active release before and after a heavy workouts. Made from dense and durable EVA foam, all our foam rollers are sweat resistant. Foam rollers will help you accrue the same benefits that comes with a sport massage!

Foam rollers are cost friendly and easy to use. With a foam roller, you can use your body weight to target precise group of muscles and carry out self-myofascial release. A Foam roller will also sooth the tight fascia, stretch tendons, and muscles and breaks the soft tissue adhesions increasing your blood flow to the soft tissues. It’s ideal for self mobilization of quadriceps, hamstrings, and backs.

A foam roller routine is simple and performed before or after a workout can improve training and recovery time.

You can also use a foam roller in physical therapy, core strength and stability training, conditioning, stretching, balancing workouts and postural alignment.

Weight1.00 kg
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