Fran Pack


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The perfect pack for all crossfitters!

The Fran Pack includes JAW grips, Wrist Wraps and RXD Hand repair.

Wrist Wraps;

Wicked wrist wraps are the perfect wrsit wrap, whether you’re a powerlifter, strongman competitor, crossfit athlete, body builder or fitness enthusiast. Wicked elastic wrist wrap will increase your wrist support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift.

Wicked elastic wrist wraps feature a thumb loop to anchor your straps and ensure once strapped you stay strapped. These wrist wraps utilizes cotton and elastic for comfort and excellent fit.

These wraps are designed to support the wrist in all lifting applications providing excellent support, but still comfortable and pliable. By stabilizing above and below the joint, your wrist will have added stability and better force production.

JAW Grips;

JAW Hand Grips have solved a problem that faces almost every Fitness Athlete when hanging from a bar.  Those nasty rips can be avoided with the JAW pull up grips.  Unlike gymnastic grips, these are made from material that won’t generate bulk between you and the bar. Hand grips are a must have and these JAW pull up grips are the way to go.

Like most gymnastic grips, these must be sized to fit your hand.  You need to measure from the bottom of your hand to the bottom of your middle finger and match to the length below.  When fitted properly, the fit will be snug for these hand grips.  When you extend your hand, the JAW hand grips will extend too.

RXD Hand Repair;

Hand Repair Balm. Repair torn hands fast!

100% Australian Made This is the perfect balm to sooth sore and ripped hands. RXD Repair hand balm goes a long way. It can be applied to any open tear, it will also help your hands if they are callused & sore you just need to gently massage into you affected area. The formula contains a blend of essential oils & base oils, which all promote the healing & repair of damaged skin. It can be applied to torn hands, chafe, rope burn, tape rash & minor inflammation.

Made by crossfitters for crossfitters.

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