Jerkfit Nubs Sack


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Nubs Sack

You asked for it, and JerkFit have delivered!

Quit losing your Nubs at the bottom of your dark gym bag and keep them safe in your brand new Nubs Sack! Nubs are easily one of your gym bag essentials, but they are notoriously difficult to keep them from hiding in dark crevasses, or worse yet, losing them all together. Jerkfit have solved this issue once and for all! Nubs Sacks clip easily to any gym bag or back pack to hold your Nubs conveniently. And when its time to hit the gym, you can also use the Nubs Sack to hold your important valuables like wedding rings, coins, money, chapstick and other jewellery safely and securely while you train! Nubs Sacks are easily one of the most important investments you can make. Quit wasting money replacing your Nubs… KEEP THEM with the Nubs Sack!

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