Resistance Bands – Large 64mm


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Wicked Fitness resistance bands are made form high quality, strong, and thin rubber. Resistant bands are an ideal tool for strength training and mobility training.

You can use resistant bands to perform diverse stretches on your own including dynamic hamstring stretching. In addition, you can perform strength-training workouts like rows, chest presses, triceps extensions, squats, and shoulder presses. Resistance bands or power bands are the perfect substitute for weights!

Wicked Fitness Resistant bands are excellently engineered. Adding them into your workout accessories will give you these benefits:

  • Budget friendly.
  • Resistant bands are ideal for different fitness levels. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, resistant bands will suit your needs. They come in different resistance levels: heavy, medium, and light. In addition, you can adjust the resistant band’s intensity to suit your needs. The thicker the band, the more resistance provided.
  • Using resistant bands for your workouts challenges all critical muscle groups in your body. They are perfect for whole body workouts.
  • Resistant bands are very flexible when it comes to portability and storage. You can use them in hotel room, corridor and easily pack then in your backpack while travelling.
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