Rocktape – Pink Argyle


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Normal athletic tape  binds and doesn’t stretch, Rocktape is designed to stretch like human skin.  Rocktape stretches up to 190% of its original length but has amazing ‘snap-back’ or recovery. This “giving” quality provides Rocktape it’s performance advantage over other tapes.

This is achieved by using a unique weave into the cotton when the tape is woven. This weave means the tape will stretch in only one direction and the tension of the weave is engineered to provide the same elasticity as skin. Together, these properties create a “Bio-Mechanical Lifting Mechanism”. This means that the tape can lift the skin away from the soft tissue underneath the skin. This lifting capability promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Rocktape can be used to increase exercise performance by taping all the muscles used in a particular sport, ie. cycling –  taping quads, hip flexors and calves.  This helps to co-ordinate and link these muscles and engage them both mechanically and mentally, through sensory stimulation through the skin and mechanical support.  

Rocktape can also assist to stabilise muscles and joints that have been sprained or strained. Rocktape enables support and stability while allowing blood flow, therefore it may assist in the repair of localised muscle groups.

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