Wicked Fitness – Booty Bands


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We’re so excited to be launching our newest member to the Wicked Family. Our Booty Bands are so versatile, take them to the gym, or work from home.

  • Non-slip strip on inner side
  • Activates muscles around the hips and glutes
  • Improves technique and gets you stronger, faster
  • Adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
  • Resistance helps keep the knees pushed out during squats and deadlifts
  • Ideal for warm up before workouts for glutes, hips and hamstrings
  • Comes with a ‘Wicked Fitness’ bag for storage.


Perfect for squat training

Our Booty bands can be used as a training tool to cue athletes to push their knees out during squats and also as a strength building tool to increase squatting strength by wearing the Hip-X band during squat sets.


How they Work:

Size Matters! The Smaller the Band, The Larger the resistance.

Large: Use for activating your glutes prior to training with exercises such as kick-backs, squats, clam shell and lateral exercises such as sumo walks.

Medium: Use for getting a deep burn through your glutes when used for exercises such as hip thrusts, squats and sumo walks, leave the kick-backs to the large.

Small: Use for taking your training to the next level. Great for squatting for all levels, but beware the burn!




Weight 0.2 kg

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