Wicked Wrist Wraps


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Wicked wrist wraps are the perfect wrsit wrap, whether you’re a powerlifter, strongman competitor, crossfit athlete, body builder or fitness enthusiast. Wicked elastic wrist wrap will increase your wrist support and increase the amount of weight that you can lift.

Wicked elastic wrist wraps feature a thumb loop to anchor your straps and ensure once strapped you stay strapped. These wrist wraps utilizes cotton and elastic for comfort and excellent fit.

These wraps are designed to support the wrist in all lifting applications providing excellent support, but still comfortable and pliable. By stabilizing above and below the joint, your wrist will have added stability and better force production.

The first key is to put the weightlifting wrist wraps on correctly. Recognise that your wrist wraps are not a giant wristwatch with no clock on it. The wrist support should actually wrap around the bottom of the palm as well, so this way, the wrist is enveloped in the middle of the support and it will be supported when receiving the massive pressure from the barbell.

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